Current organizer of the ENS-ESPCI Biophysics seminar and also organized the

2022 Paris Biological Physics Community Day

2021 Paris Biological Physics Community Day


2022 Theory Club, MSC, Université Paris Cité, Frances

2022 Physics of Behavior (Invited Speaker), Initiative for Theoretical Sciences, City University of New York, USA

2022 Cafe Com Fisica (Invited Speaker), Departamento de Fisica, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

2022 Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training - Quantitive Approaches to Behavior (Keynote Speaker), Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal

2022 Inference for Dynamical Systems Seminar Series (Invited Talk), Complexity Sciences Center, University of California at Davis, USA

2022 APS March Meeting (Invited Talk - DBIO Disseration Award 2022), Chicago, USA

2022 Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis in Neuroscience, Institute Henry Poincaré, Paris

2021 Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems, Institute Curie, Paris

2021 APS March Meeting (virtual meeting)

2020 APS March Meeting (virtual meeting)

2019 Physics@Veldhoven (PT5 Statistical physics and soft condensed matter I), Veldhoven, Netherlands

2018 APS March Meeting (X06 Physics of Behavior), Los Angeles, USA

2016 Complex Systems Society , Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2019 Phyisics of Living Matters XIV, Cambridge, UK

2018 Phyisics of Living Matters XIII, Marseille, France (Best Poster Prize)

2017 Statphys 26, Lyon, France

2016 Dutch Biophysics, Veldhoven, The Netherlands